Companies in need of drone pilots offer you a unique solution to find the right drone operator for your business.

We organize calls for missions, in the form of tenders, so that we guarantee you the best service at the best price!

- An easy request to propose.

- An easy answer to identify.

- The best prices on the market.

Private and secure access

As a Premium member you will benefit from a private access to the corporate area. At the registration a password will be sent to you and will allow the access at this specific page. We guarantee the security of the information exchanged and confidentiality of our members.

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Let you be guided

Fill in the forms and specify your request (Number of benefits, type of benefit, duration, etc.). The drone pilot will have the necessary elements to send you his offer.

Identification and selection

We organize the call for mission so that the best offer is easy to identify. The preselection of the elements to be provided by the pilot makes it possible to judge with relevance and parity which one suits you the best.

An adapted package

Request how many service delivery you need, how long you need it and save some budget on the total number of service delivery.

The best market offer

We organize these calls for tenders to enable you to obtain the best drone pilot at the best price. To obtain these contracts the drone operator will give you the best offer as possible. That's why we promote the free competition, to best respond to market conditions.


Submit your request

Do you need turnkey drone services for your business? From now on give us all the details and get the solution you need. To do this, let us guide you, we take care of everything.


How to do ?

We have created a questionnaire which once completed will allow us to constitute your tender. It will only take a few minutes to tell us what you need.

The latter will then be submitted to the drone operators for them to submit their proposal. We will process them and you will then receive a clear and precise résumé indicating which offer is the best for you according to relevant criteria.

We charge you according to your needs. By paying for our services, you are assured to save money. If you want to learn more about our billings, click here.

Here are the 6 steps of the tender procedure:

(You: Steps 1 and 2; Us: Steps 3 to 6.)

                                                    1. Complete the form.

                                                         2. Pay the service fees.

                                                         3. Constitution of the tenders.

                                                         4. Dissemination of the tenders.

                                                         5. Results treatment.

                                                         6. Send the results.