Create your listings on Aerondrone

Hereby is a short tutorial to create your listings

Summary in 6 steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “ACCOUNT” on the top right

  3. Then click on “Create a new listing”

  4. Select “privates”, “professional” or “businesses” depending on the type of ad you want to submit and according to your profile

  5. Then depending on the type of listing you need to place, select “sales”- to sell a drone or equipment, “rentals”- to rent out your drone, “services”- to offer your services as a drone pilot or to offer different kind of professional services, or “collections”- to sell your drone photos or vidéos content.

  6. You just have to complete your ad according to the required fields.


  • Do not forget to add your payment method to receive your bookings and inquiries from people interested in your ad! Learn more: Add a payment method.

  • Seduce your future buyers: add photos, examples of your creations and specific skills. You can add your Youtube and Vimeo videos in your listing description.

  • Finally, give as much details as possible in the description of your ad, on what you propose.

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