Discover these tiny drones with camera (easy to fly)!


Aerondrone organised his launch party at the awarded 1st coworking space of the Nordics- Founders House, specialised on tech startups, on the 28th of September., our partner was present to organise a mini demo drone race inside the space!

To celebrate and make everyone enjoying his time, our Danish partner,, organised a demo race with these mini drones at the very inside of the coworking space.


Everyone from beginners to advanced can fly these tiny drones, (almost) unbreakable!

“They can’t hurt you, being so soft and so light” add Sebastian the drone pilot and founder of

“You can control it via the controller and the goggles where you can see through the camera of the drone like on the video above. You can also livestream your flight and record it.” Sebastian explains.

Alexander, student from DTU, was present at the party with many students from the specific HardTech Entrepreneurship program which is provided at the DTU Skylab's flagship course-incubator in Copenhagen area. Alexander was making a showroom of his custom-made drones to the visitors. His drones are available to order here: Custom multirotor 2"-4", Custom multirotor 5"-8".

Pictures made by Lea from, at the coworking space Founders House for launch party

Pictures made by Lea from, at the coworking space Founders House for launch party


You can find services to book online on to organise interactive events with drones for beginners (but not only), but also to hire his drone pilot skills.

These tiny drones are available to order by clicking here: Mini drone easy to fly with camera

Aerondrone and Dronelab are close partners and more events are to follow in Copenhagen area for drone enthusiasts.

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