brings a unique solution to develop your activity and you company.

We organise call to missions, as tenders, in order to find always more missions to you.


The steps

⇥ Find the Mission that feet you the most.

⇥ Send your quotations.

⇥ Win the Mission.

⇥ Deliver the mission and Invoice your new client as usual.

⇥ Pay the 10% commission for every project you win once your new client as been invoiced.


Dedicated tenders

We identified the key factors that hinder the drone market development to give it a new breath. The first companies we worked with required services with very specific criteria. And some of them missed the opportunity to follow up their projects by a lack of adequate pilots’ feedbacks.

Since then, we organise tenders to allow companies to pay for the requirements they need. Some of them seek up to 100 deliveries per year with a specific need. Your goal is to meet this need, respect the specifications and you can win the next contract. No need to go further, your customers are here.

Focus on your passion 

Being a drone pilot is often more than a job, being also a passion for the most of us. Do not burden yourself with commercial tasks and let us take care of it. Your future clients are right here and they are waiting for your contract proposals.

Get new missions done

We make it easier to fulfil the request and so to send precise quotation to the ever increasing number of specific requests from the large scale of clients (individuals, professionals, businesses and communities). Find precise missions with specifications just as precise; The pilot responding the most accurately is going to win the tender.


Answer to the tenders now

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