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Like it or not, the sky above is about to become far busier. 
Drones Are Here to Stay. Get Used to It ! 
— Time Magazine

About the Aerondrone’s blog


The drone age

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, it ravaged the island’s electrical grid and communications systems…

By, Alex Fitzpatrick

The 31, Mai 2018

This blog aims to bring together what characterizes the universe of the drone. A new object that invades little by little our daily life and raise many questions. That's why we want to deliver the answers to everything you need about the drone.

You will find information on the legislation. A complex and vast subject whose uniformity has not yet been found. You can finally prepare your travels and your projects with full knowledge of the facts. You will also find all the advice you may need on drones. Like the different makes and models, their main features, or how to travel with.

And what would be a blog without its News ... Some are spectacular, others prove the future capabilities of the drone and highlight a technological revolution that is far from stopping.

The drone has also become a tool for professionals and businesses. You will find everything about the drone pilot profession. From training to the sectors of activitys in which exerting. Advice on and solutions to help you grow your business.

And if you do not have enough, know that you can also find refurbished drones, like new ones just waiting for you to fly.


La boutique

Aerondrone is not only a blog, it is also a unique boutique reserved for droners.


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