The drone at the service of the architects.

By Aerondrone, the 6th of July 2019

The drone, new technology at the service of the winemakers.

By Aerondrone the13th of May 2019

The drone, invading the real estate.

By Aerondrone the13th of May 2019

The drone at the service of the French civil security.

By Aerondrone the 13th of May 2019

Industry, Btp, how the drone is changing the job.

By You, tomorrow.

The drone in the event creates the event.

The medias looking for innovative content.

Cartography, photogrammetry and 3D modeling.


The bases of a technological and industrial revolution.

If there is one specific environment that the drone is revolutionising, it is the industrial world. The drone is actually present in a dozen of different area of activities, with nearly 50,000 new drone pilots starting each year. It gives a new blow to the industrial area, always seeking to renew itself.

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