The giant DJI first serious move into the FPV

DJI is making a fairly bold move into the world of first-person view (FPV)

And racing drones with a new equipment kit announced today. The kit is mainly comprised of new FPV goggles and a small, high-definition camera and “air unit” (or transmitter) that can be attached to pretty much whatever you like. DJI’s promise for the new kit is the ability to basically “FPV anything,” from racing drones to remote-controlled cars or boats.

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Taxis drones and flying cars soon to your balcony

Soon, when you order a taxi, it could arrive right on your balcony, in your garden or on the roof of your building. Skeptics will say that this will never happen. But for us, we know it will happen. And why ? Well, it's obvious, when we look at our technological advances, the projects and the challenges already identified. Some people will say that these are only great communication and marketing, that nothing realistic happens in all this, that in the view of the regulations it will not be before the year 3450 and that this will be done not because it will not be possible. But let's be realistic and move from fiction to reality. Flying cars, we do not talk about other things here, are a fad of man for a long time and is arriving slowly but surely. The biggest players are already ready. They already all experimented the technology and claim to be able to transport you in their flying cars. It remains to find how to put all this in place at the legal level.

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The drone at the service of the architects

The new possibilities that the drone brings are multiple. Many business sectors are increasingly trusting the drone and benefit from the technological contributions of the latter in their respective fields of activity. A particular sector benefits from it for a few years, it is the one of the architecture. Shooting, work inspection, thermography, the missions entrusted to the drone are varied. Architects particularly appreciate the drone, for the openings it brings to the craft.

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[DRONES] The new European regulation detailed

Following the previous article informing you of the recent adoption of a new common European regulation on the drone, we wanted to give you more details about it. As a reminder, this regulation will be implemented according to a schedule and there is a transitional arrangement. The intention is that by June 2021, all national permits, certificates and exemptions will be converted into the new European system.

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Soon a drone sent to Titan, Saturn's largest moon

The NASA will send a drone to Titan to find traces of ancient life.

This is what reveals, Science and Future with AFP June 28th. The US Space Agency announced on Thursday, June 27, 2019 that it had decided to send a quadrocopter-like robot to Saturn's largest moon, Titan, which is larger than Mercury and resembles the early Earth. The mission is called "Dragonfly" and will take off in 2026, for a landing in 2034 on Titan.

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DJI gets into the Robots battle

Everyone knows DJI thanks to their drones, with the Mavic and the Phantom mostly. But since May, DJI branched out from the world of gimbals and drones with the release of the Osmo Action, a new action camera that closely remembered us another Action camera... Now it’s back with another new category: the educational fighting robots.

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Drone bees will soon serve our fields!

It's almost part of our everyday life now and we all know it... Our bees are dying and are increasingly under threat. For a simple reason that mainly simply spilled pesticides in the fields in large quantities. Some people already imagine a world, where technology and especially the drone would come to the rescue of nature to take over our dead pollinators. Imagine squadrons of drones above fields, miniature robots looking like extinct insects...

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New common drone regulation in Europe adopted

The European regulations for drones were published in definitive form on 11 June. For the member states, this means that the clock will start ticking, because the regulations must be implemented in all EU countries by the end of June next year. From that moment on, drone pilots will also have to register. One of the most important advantages of the new regulations is that they can also fly across borders once they have been authorized in their country of origin.

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Travelling with your drone

The drone has become The camera that can take new spectacular shots! So why not bringing it everywhere with you, in your backpack during your next trip around the world? Exactly the same that you would do with your camera.

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