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DJI gets into the Robots battle

Everyone knows DJI thanks to their drones, with the Mavic and the Phantom mostly. But since May, DJI branched out from the world of gimbals and drones with the release of the Osmo Action, a new action camera that closely remembered us another Action camera... Now it’s back with another new category: the educational fighting robots.

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Drone bees will soon serve our fields!

It's almost part of our everyday life now and we all know it... Our bees are dying and are increasingly under threat. For a simple reason that mainly simply spilled pesticides in the fields in large quantities. Some people already imagine a world, where technology and especially the drone would come to the rescue of nature to take over our dead pollinators. Imagine squadrons of drones above fields, miniature robots looking like extinct insects...

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New common drone regulation in Europe adopted

The European regulations for drones were published in definitive form on 11 June. For the member states, this means that the clock will start ticking, because the regulations must be implemented in all EU countries by the end of June next year. From that moment on, drone pilots will also have to register. One of the most important advantages of the new regulations is that they can also fly across borders once they have been authorized in their country of origin.

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