Drone bees will soon serve our fields!

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spilled pesticides in the fields in large quantities. Some people already imagine a world, where technology and especially the drone would come to the rescue of nature to take over our dead pollinators. Imagine squadrons of drones above fields, miniature robots looking like extinct insects...

It's almost part of our everyday life now and we all know it... Our bees are dying and are increasingly under threat. For a simple reason that mainly simply


Some imagine the drone to help our farms.

In California in the United States, entrepreneurs are preparing for the future in the apple fields. And this future is without bees, whose mortality continues to grow.

Yet, without them to fertilize our environment by transporting pollen from one flower to another, most of our fruits and vegetables would disappear.

So these two entrepreneurs, Matt and Jimmy have been looking at how to replace the foragers.

Two years ago, they were the first in the world to develop a pollinator drone.

For the moment, their start-up has only a few dozen customers. But the revolution could be running. Their machine can do the work of thousands of bees. And unlike insects, it can even perform at night...

Drones more efficient than bees?

The technology put in place is a giant 11 kg drone, equipped with ultra-fast thrusters. Its daily mission is programmed for an altitude of 20 meters and a speed of 20 km / hour. During the takeoff, the breath of its powerful steel propellers brews and expels the pollen it carries. Above the tree tops over the machine, it will settle on the flowers, attracted by static electricity.

It will need around 2 kilos of this pollen, paid about 1 euro per gram, to fertilize the apple field - which is cheaper than to rent hives. The drone can pollinates 16 hectares an hour. This system could even increase the production of almond trees by 25%, that of cherry and apple trees by 50 to 60%.

Extract from "A world without bees", a report to see in full version in "Envoyé Special" June 6, 2019, a French investigation TV show.