The mini drones by Dronelab!

IMG_0606.jpg has been's partner since the early hours.

And we are really proud to share our work and collaborations with Dronelab, which always end with a great experience.

Dronelab was already present to realize the Aerondrone’s launch party last September.

The event gave rise to an extraordinary demonstration of Mini Drones race!

The whole thing took place in the heart of the offices of one of the most famous coworking spaces, Founders House, in Denmark, for the astonishment and the greatest joy of all.


The Minis Drones of Dronelab, the drone in immersion for all.

When Dronelab offered us to run a drone race in the offices of Founders House, we were like everyone else, a bit dubious because very few people in these offices had the opportunity to pilot a drone before.

But finally we discovered that what was great with these Mini Drones is that everyone can drive them without absolutely no previous experience!

In addition to this, the equipment included with the drones, offers a controller of the drone (it's as simple as a remote control car) and even a diving helmet!


That is to say, the camera included with the drone is of a really incredible quality compared to the size of the drone and one finds oneself directly immersed in full flight ... The whole thing can be retransmitted on the live TV or on the computer live!


Finally, with the Mini Drone, everyone goes there ...

After a few minutes, while most were still dubious, we quickly realized that everyone got in and a tail was formed to test the drones!

The evening was quickly centralized around the course organized by Dronelab and everyone began to test the Mini Drones to finally organize a speed contest between colleagues ...


Moreover, the Mini Drone is so simple that even children from 3 years can drive it.

It is solid and difficult to break. Also, it is not dangerous thanks to its weight (32 grams) and its protections designed and adapted for the little ones.

Frankly, test it! You will spend a great time alone or with the whole family!

So good flight to all,