The Aerial photo editing software


Looking for a good, easy-to-use editing software for your drone shots?

Nothing more simple, our team has selected the Skylum AirMagic software that really and effectively responds to your problem on photo edition!

Regarding aerial content edition, it's probably the best. We show you the tests and we hope that you are going to like it as much as we did.

We'll introduce it in the article and show you how it works!


AirMagic test: edit your aerial content made by drone!

We start directly with a demo we did with the team by testing the Skylum editing software, designed specifically for the photography made by drone: AirMagic.

First feedback: its set-up rapidity.

No need to have an ultra-powerful laptop, AirMagic does not require significant capabilities of your computer and is quite lightweight.

Second feedback: quick grip.

The software is intuitive and everyone can use it and take handle it in no more than 5 minutes, really.

Third feedback: it's fast and powerful.

If you have a lot of photos to edit, the software is pretty handy. You take the selection of photos and drag them into the software, editing will be done automatically. Backup is just as easy.


Do you want to go further?

Below is a demo tutorial made by the Skylum team that go through each step of the editing software options step by step.


We hope you enjoyed the demonstration and finally find your publishing software that suits you for editing content by drone. If so, just download AirMagic right here.

Feel free to share your best content for us to share with the community!