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Taxis drones and flying cars soon to your balcony

Soon, when you order a taxi, it could arrive right on your balcony, in your garden or on the roof of your building. Skeptics will say that this will never happen. But for us, we know it will happen. And why ? Well, it's obvious, when we look at our technological advances, the projects and the challenges already identified. Some people will say that these are only great communication and marketing, that nothing realistic happens in all this, that in the view of the regulations it will not be before the year 3450 and that this will be done not because it will not be possible. But let's be realistic and move from fiction to reality. Flying cars, we do not talk about other things here, are a fad of man for a long time and is arriving slowly but surely. The biggest players are already ready. They already all experimented the technology and claim to be able to transport you in their flying cars. It remains to find how to put all this in place at the legal level.

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