Taxis drones and flying cars soon to your balcony


Soon, when you order a taxi, it could arrive right on your balcony, in your garden or on the roof of your building. Skeptics will say that this will never happen. But for us, we know it will happen. And why ? Well, it's obvious, when we look at our technological advances, the projects and the challenges already identified. Some people will say that these are only great communication and marketing, that nothing realistic happens in all this, that in the view of the regulations it will not be before the year 3450 and that this will be done not because it will not be possible. But let's be realistic and move from fiction to reality. Flying cars, we do not talk about other things here, are a fad of man for a long time and is arriving slowly but surely. The biggest players are already ready. They already all experimented the technology and claim to be able to transport you in their flying cars. It remains to find how to put all this in place at the legal level.

How far are we today?

In the same way as the "Air Delivery" the air transport that is now called "PAV" for "Personal Air Vehicle" is at the hands of almost all car manufacturers and of the aviation. The goal is simple, to be the first one to validate the best concept for commissioning as soon as possible. No, it will never happen!! In your village we may be waiting a bit. But think of those countries that are today the first in innovation and regulations and whose budgets have an unequaled flexibility. Think of Dubai and China. Their will, to be the first. Their solutions will be scalable.

From Uber to Boing, to Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Toyota, Airbus, Audi, Textron, Volocopter, Ehang the list is long and the innovations all more impressive than the others. Now that the prototypes are ready, they are tackling the implementation of air solutions. How to create new roads, how to fly in the sky of a big city without risks. The challenge is daunting, but one thing is certain, we do not spend billions on innovation in research and development for communication or marketing. No no, the financial interest and the race for technological innovation launched in the 21st century continues on its way.

It's a safe bet that the drone taxi and the flying car will see the light well before the end of the century. Maybe not everywhere, not for everyone, but they will see the light of the day. Uber subsidiary Uber Aire is working with Google on this Airway development. In just 5 years they have built a drone taxi whose innovation is remarkable and far from the simple prototype. Will it take them 45 years or more to get there? The first of the world taxi says it will be ready by 2023 to 2025.

You may have seen some prototypes, they are so numerous that we will not be able to show them all. We are interested in the ten most promising actors, we will unveil them then hang your belt:


Ehang 184


Number 1 is Chinese

It weighs a little over 200 kilos, and can fly nearly 30 minutes at 130 km / h. The charging time is approximately one hour. For only 200,000 euros. A cost that seems high but which is actually very low when we think that some prototypes are worth several millions.

Dubai wants this technology in place by 2020 after a first announcement made in 2017. If this delay of 3 years remains minimal, the project ready to be launched must still unlock the doors of the regulations. Other countries interested in the Chinese product, Brazil and Japan will surely be among the first on the market to endow their city with this technology.

A use for Chinese megacities

The solution found by the founder Hu Huaihi is interested in Chinese megacities highly bottled and polluted. By acquiring the best Chinese engineers and computer scientists Ehang has filed over a hundred patents and has already sold more than 300 of its 184.

Maximum security

Of course it detects and avoids any object that it crosses, in case of problem it reacts according to the situation, and agents can manually resume its control. All the tests went well, even testing the drone in complicated weather conditions. A proof of success that pushed the leader to market his project very quickly.




Between Drone and Helicopter

The machine has 18 rotors, 9 batteries, it is electric and fully autonomous. He is one of the first on the sector. After testing in Dubai to present its model, the German firm announced new tests in Singapore. The goal would be to set up its network at dawn 2025.

An autonomous taxi ready to fly

The challenges facing Volocopter are the same: Define air routes and deal with the security problem.


Uber Air


The world's number 1 taxi

The Uber innovation branch has embarked on the design of new generation taxis. Nothing improbable as we know that the American firm is the first taxi company in the world. To continue its Uberisation, Uber Elevate develops the taxi of tomorrow. His goal is set for 2028 for the Los Angeles Olympics. To achieve this, the company has signed an agreement with the famous American Space Agency, NASA. Thus they would work hand in hand to design air routes dedicated to delivery, leisure and transport.

A taxi always cheap

Uber announces that the rates will remain those of a race in Uber. The customer orders the application and his taxi lands on the roof of a building. The objective remains the same, to help fluidify the urban traffic of the American and European megacities.


The fight of the giants

The main risk posed by this new mode of transportation is accidents, piracy or acts of terrorism that it could suffer and cause significant damages.

For all of that, its barriers could rise in a blink. The race is launched, the current step is to find solutions to problems related to security. Whoever will find these solutions by actively working on regulations, airspace and technology will raise an entire industry with him.

And if the race is launched for those precursors, they are not the only ones to try the flying car. Airbus, Boing, SureFly, Textron, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Audi have all proposed their prototypes. So which actor will win?

We'll meet you next Saturday at the same time to read the second part of this article on the flying cars by drone.


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