The delivery of your parcels will be done by drone


Soon, when you order a product online, it could arrive directly to your balcony, in your garden or on the edge of your window. The biggest players in the delivery market are already ready. They have all experienced the technology and they affirm that they are ready to deliver your future packages by the air.

So why isn't it already done?

Well, it's already been, for a very short time. It is not very widespread and still in the launch step but if all goes well certain countries like Australia should have generalized the practice to the entire country by 2022.

For other countries, as in Europe, this will be done more slowly. Even if the actors in place have the technical and financial capacity to do so, they still do not have access to government authorizations that strongly protect their respective airspace. A subject that slows down the world of the drone in general, facing the civil security concerns it entails.

Delivery by drone is for now, but not everywhere. However, it is a safe bet that this will take place and will be democratized in the coming years all around the world.

You probably have already heard of Amazon Prime Air, but did you know that almost all the actors of the delivery had done the same? La Poste, Google, DHL, UPS, Rakuten ...

We will introduce each of them and see why, delivery by drone will become widespread.


Google Wing


First to get a license

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has given permission to Google to fly drones to deliver packages. A world premiere that seems to cut the grass under the feet of its competitor Amazon who had yet give the impression of having a head start.

If its new delivery service is the most advanced in the world, Google is nevertheless less speaking about the subject than Amazon. The reason is simply that its proposed service is much less developed, unlike Amazon whose e-commerce network remains the number 1 in the world.

Customers can place their order to the Google mobile application Wing. For the moment, the choice is very limited and is limited to drugs and groceries with a maximum weight of 1.5 kg.

An announcement in August 2014 that unveils Google's Wing project. After many tests on the Australian territory, and many developments, the drone deploys 12 rotors, remains stationary above the delivery site and sends down the package by winch. An autonomous navigation followed by qualified operators ready to take control at any time.

The first to deliver

Google Wing is the first to deliver parcels worldwide. While we've heard about other players' efforts, Google is once again making history by putting package delivery into practice for the first time in Australia after launching more than 7,000 tests and nearly 3,000 deliveries. It begins with the suburbs of Canberra before opening up to the rest of the country. And by the next week in Finland in Helsinki and the United States in the State of Virginia.

A revolution in the delivery sector

That allows to deliver your parcels in a record time. Less than 30 minutes, it is often the times announced by the different actors. The fastest wing delivery is done in less than 3 minutes. You read right! Less than 3 minutes for the delivery of a coffee at your home, a revolution.

But in addition to the speed, the reduction in costs should also be a heavy argument for the development of the sector, which is thinking of reducing the costs of transportation in the long term.

And finally, an argument too little raised is the protection of the environment and the rejection of greenhouse gas which should also drop the current figures. Regarding to the resources spent to achieve this yet, including tests, prototypes and construction of drones in the face of few delivery made, it is yet difficult to validate. It will take a few more years for more data to be provided.


Kickstart Expresso share what it was like to participate in Wing's drone delivery service in Bonython


Amazon Prime Air


The first to unveil an Ambitious project

Unveiled in 2013, Amazon surprised and fantasized the general public. This has often been seen as a cost of communication by the detractors of the drone, thinking that delivery would be totally impossible. But if the blockage is made with the aerial authorities, it is now lifting and beginning gradually to clear the place. An ambitious project unveiled by Amazon 5 years ago and still making talk.

So how could Amazon be overtaken by Google?

The issues raised were many, and Amazon was not fast enough. Google faced Amazon, and finally decided to go all out and to deploy more ressources to build a reliable prototype when Amazon spent a lot of resources in marketing. Google has not surpassed Amazon but simply took a slight technological advance that will quickly make the difference by gigantic market shares taken on Amazon.

The group has communicated a lot, even hiring Jeremy Clarkson’s talents, the famous English journalist and presenter of the program, "The Grand Tour" on Prime Video. Recorded financial resources spent that continue to confort the presence and image of the net giant. So delivery or not, for over 5 years the subject has cheered many of us waiting for one thing, to have our parcels delivered tomorrow by drone.

82% of orders on Amazon will be delivered by drone.

Delivering parcels weighing up to 5 kilos in 30 minutes or less using small drones is announced by the net giant. Tomorrow, with the acquittance of the legal means, nearly 80% of their order would be done by drone. Amazon having a majority of small parcels ordered on their platform.


Equipped with six rotors, the machine behaves like a plane it can deliver up to 25 km from its starting point and carry packages up to 5kg.

The numerous tests carried out allowed to obtain a new test license. Amazon hopes to launch deliveries by 2020.


The fight of the giants

Between Google and Amazon the race is launched. The current stage will be won by the one able to adapt or to make bend the governments to finally obtain the agreement to make fly their drones in the whole world. For that, they work actively on the legislation before of being able to propose solutions, of airway allied with a secure technology. There is no way that a drone crashes in the city center or to be diverted to terrorist ends.

If the race is launched already, it is not just by the players. LA POSTE - DHL - UPS - RAKUTEN will deliver as well by drone. Which actor will prevail? Will "La Poste", the French player be able to revolutionize its mail delivery system? Meet next Saturday at the same time to read the second part of this article on delivery made by drone.


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