The drone in events, overview of the new practices.


The shooting of aerial photos and videos and the range of possibilities made accessible by the drone, offer new opportunities in events. We wanted to know more about the multiple uses of the drone made today in this sector. Interview of the pilot Frédérick Vrolant by the event agency Make me Smile and overview of the different practices.


Is this a practice more and more used?

Yes the drone, knows an exponential boom, that it is for "technical" needs for the construction, the exploitation of the mines with open sky, the agriculture, the security or for "artistic" needs as the documentaries, the films and institutional photos for businesses, sporting events and lives. We are only at the beginning of the adventure, there will be many other applications that will require the use of the drone in the future, such as archeology for example.

What are the advantages of the drone today in events?

I think that the two tools - camera and drone, became inseparable, because it allows to see the detail and its whole. On the ground, you can capture the emotions, with the drone you can see the crowd and the beauty of a place, it helps to accentuate the effect "wow! ".

 Taking a picture of a beautiful tree is great, but take a picture of a forest of beautiful trees, it's even better.

Make a portrait, it values a person, but take a picture of all the guests of your wedding with the place of reception or all the employees of your company at the foot of it, it shows a success.

For which events is the drone adapted? (Exterior, automobile ...).

Mainly for the outside, the main interest is to enhance a space larger than yourself, if you make a reception in a castle, you will use a drone to show the outdoor architecture and gardens. In addition, a drone makes a little noise and a closed place will sound box.

A drone can track cars, horses or boats that will always happen outside, moreover flight speeds can go up to 70 km / h, so you need space around either.

However a wind too strong or the rain will prevent me from flying outside, so I pay attention to the weather.

Is there more exploitation work behind to use the images or videos?

No, the camera of a drone works exactly like a digital camera, the photo formats are editable (RAW or JPEG) as well as the video format (H.264 or MPEG4) and can be used by everyone, whether you are a pro or amateur.

Can we make live projection of the images of the drone?

Yes, there is a streaming feature but requires a very high speed wifi connection to avoid jerky images.

Is it dangerous for guests? On which elements of security must be vigilant?

The drone is a machine like a car or a bicycle, there can be mechanical or electronic problems or external problems. But do not worry, this is exceptional. Moreover the law frames this very well because, we do not have the right to overfly a group of people directly, in order to avoid any problems, I make flights on the periphery of the group (30m).

An aerial view of the Tomorrowland festival, in Boom, in 2014.

An aerial view of the Tomorrowland festival, in Boom, in 2014.

Does it require a preparation time upstream (synopsis ...) and installation on site?

There is always a phase of preparation with the client, I need to know, what he wants and where it will be done because depending on the place, you must obtain the necessary permissions. For example, if you want to take a picture of a hundred people on the mirror of water in front of the castle of the Dukes of Brittany, it will require the authorization of the prefecture and the air navigation service and inform the service of the protection of the users of the city of Nantes.

  All this usually takes more or less 5 working days, then on site the preparation of the drone is very fast (less than 5 minutes). Knowing what you are going to do also saves the batteries because a flight does not exceed 15 minutes.

What events have you already done?

Recently, I was present for a salsa festival, dance time on the beach of Les Sables d'Olonnes which took place at the beginning of July.

Today the drone is used for many types of events. Sporting events: Races, Marathons, Jumping, Sailing races, Football, Golf ... Corporate events: Colloquia, Company seminars, product launch, gala evening. But also for Team Building, trade shows etc.

The possibilities are numerous and the results are sometimes breathtaking! Immersion can be spectacular and global photography brings new perspectives that were rarely used in the past. Then leave room for all the creativity brought by the pilots and the know-how of the agencies to satisfy the public!

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