The drone, new technology at the service of the winemakers


The evolution of drones brings many services in the professional sector, here we present some examples in the wine industry, where the drone can achieve many benefits useful to the winemaker and its vines.

The drone can provide many services to vineyards, vine growers and their vineyards by performing analyzes and technical inspections to check their health status, or aerial shots for promotional films.


Technical Imageries by drone, a revolution in the world vineyards.

Winemakers are increasingly using multirotors and all kind of drones to control and inspect the condition of their vineyards, for this the drone is equipped with a multispectral sensor and flies at low altitude over the vineyards for NDVI mapping and control of diseases, areas lacking irrigation or fertilizer and to count the vines.

These techniques provide winegrowers with accurate information on the state of health of the vines and the vitality of the grape varieties, they are an indispensable tool to help decision-making by the winemaker to enable him to better manage his vineyard to increase productivity of these vines parcels.

Aerial video of the vineyard and winery

The aerial imagery by drone allows to take the height to give a different image of the parcels of vines and the wine castle. Filming the parcels of vines from the sky, allows to make an institutional video, allowing the winegrower to present it in a different way from other winemakers, the promotional film, which can be accompanied by comments, music, logo or other special effects, to be broadcast on all types of screens, cinema, television or other advertising media, website, social networks, etc.


Technical aerial photography by drone for study and analysis of the health of the vines in vineyard plots by cartography ndvi.

The drone makes it possible to carry out topography by NDVI aerial cartography to inspect the vines and help the vine growers to improve the yields

The drone allows winemakers who own small or large estates, to be able to benefit from air services, without having to resort to heavy and expensive means such as, helicopter, plane or ULM to make aerial shots , and obtain more accurate data and maps than satellites.

To take advantage of the services of our professionals in viticulture and agriculture, whether for a technical inspection of your vineyards or make a video of your vineyard, make your request!


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