The drone pilot job


The drone is a real job. Being an operator or professional drone pilot according to the terms is a profession that is still new and unknown. And becoming a drone pilot is not as simple as one might think.

Wondering what it means to be a professional drone pilot? We answer you.

While the drone market has become widely democratised in recent years, flying a drone remains dangerous and is therefore subject to a regulatory framework: logical.

However, the applications are numerous and drone operators are increasingly solicited in many sectors such as: construction, monitoring, engineering, photography, audiovisual and many others.


Drone pilot: my job requires what skills?

To exercise the profession of drone operator or drone pilot make more and more adepts! On the other hand, one must know that from dream to practice, a certain number of skills are necessary. In addition, the missions that fall to the drone operator may vary depending on the field of activity. However, it is possible to list the most generic skills needed :

• master a drone in gyro mode;

• use a GPS;

• ensure great quality shots;

• ensure compliance with the flight record and in particular the flight plan;

• check the level of autonomy of the aircraft to ensure that there is no failure in flight;

• control weather conditions before and during the flight;

• communicate flight data to technical personnel;

• ensure the implementation of emergency measures;

• carry out the technical verifications of the drone between each flight;

• read the navigation parameters;

• maintain liaison with the air traffic control centers;

• draft flight reports and communicate them to relevant stakeholders;

• use software related to the field of activity;

• transmit the images and data accumulated during the flight to the sponsor.

Drone Operator : Training is needed.

The use of drones is very framed. To begin, provisions are needed, including training that is mandatory.

But first of all, one thing is particularly important if you start from scratch: practicing! This is your first of all things to do as a key thing: get to fly your drone and be really good at it. Nobody want to hire a professional drone pilot that is not good (or extremely good) at flying is drone. This is the first and key thing: get practice.

Secondly, to get paid flying your drone for a mission or using your content and get paid for it, you need to be licensed (the type of license vary regarding the country), and that is a mandatory. So get your certification and get classes to learn the necessary knowledge. You can find training classes online or in your area.

Finally, once you become a good flyer and got licensed as a certified professional drone pilot, you can start finding missions and get paid for it! This is not the easiest part. So you can be helped by getting your jobs via a third part and your own network. Aerondrone can help you find these first jobs via the Missions.

Complete your first missions, and get known in your area.


The drone pilot business is booming and the prospects for change are flourishing.

Many sectors are seeing the value of this new profession and not just the medias. The sectors of engineering, civil security,

agriculture, construction or transport make it possible to carry out specific missions, or even to find a stable and sustainable job. Drone pilots can also apply to the army for the purpose of providing logistical support and assisting the rescue of populations at risk.

Do not hesitate to follow our articles to discover more! The prospects are plenty on this booming market!