Travelling with your drone


Bringing your drone while travelling is still new and as you know, flying and crossing borders at the airport is not always that easy, especially at the customs!

Traveling with your drone therefore involves a lot of information and preparation before packing it in your backpack. But when we see the results in the pictures, I think it's really worth it!

The drone has become The camera that can take new spectacular shots!

So why not bringing it everywhere with you, in your backpack during your next trip around the world? Exactly the same that you would do with your camera.


The drone and the plane: inquire before leaving on a trip!

You have decided to go on a trip, and your drone is your essential: no way to go on a road trip without your new baby!

Now, the question arises of how to transport it safely and with compliance. As we know, regulations vary a lot, and can be binding, especially at the airport.

Still brand new, the drone is sometimes unknown. This can be confusing when you visit customs. Fortunately, after a few frights, airlines have reacted and now know the lesson!

Our advice is to find out directly from your airline customers assistance. Go to their website and check the luggage instructions. If necessary, contact them directly. Finally, check the local regulations of your destination country, just not to be surprised!

Your backpack is ready and you have spotted the best places to take off your drone.

Once the constraints of the airport past, remains to know what are the best spots to fly your drone at your destination!

You know the basic rules to fly your drone: do not fly above crowds, buildings or near airports. The best way is to go off the beaten path and use an app to check that the area is out of danger and that you are safe to fly your drone peacefully.

Quietly spot the best places to fly your drone, it’s also a good way to discover secret places during your holidays. ;-)


Travelling with your drone can be a big adventure if you're not prepared. But finally, we realize that it is not that complicated and could even become a beautiful experience! Believe me, one quickly becomes addict to go on the roads with his drone.

One last tip: do not forget your batteries, chargers. Check that everything is working well and protect your drone. Some are also more suited than others for travelling.

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antoine le padan