Who can fly a drone in Mexico?

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Be Mexican by birth

  • Provide your military release card

  • Have a high school diploma

  • Be in good health

Fly my drone safely in Mexico:

To begin, here are the 10 rules established by the DGAC, which must be respected to use a drone safely. These are basic rules in the world of the drone that can prevent accidents but also: Who can fly a drone in Mexico?


Where can I fly my drone in Mexico?

There is no interactive map including the restricted areas where to fly your drone available right now.

Nevertheless, some points are to highlight:

  • Do not fly within less than 9.2 kilomètres from an aéroport,

  • Do not fly above people or animals,

  • Do not fly around historical places as Chichen Itza.

To fly his drone is not always easy…

Military area, airspace, city center and many more places are forbidden ... Flying are drone can be sometimes complicated.

  • In Mexico you are only allowed to fly your drone during the daylight.

  • Do not fly higher than 120m above ground level and keep the drone within your visual line of sight.

  • No data available at this time for commercial flight.




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