Fly my drone safely in the USA:


To begin, here are the main rules established by the FAA, which must be respected to use a drone safely. These are basic rules in the world of the drone that can prevent accidents.

Do not fly more than 120 m, do not fly near airports, heliports or areas affecting public safety. Do not fly over sensitive or protected sites. Do not hover over people or animals. Keep the drone in sight at all times.


To fly his drone is not always easy…


Military area, airspace, city center and many more places are forbidden ... Flying are drone can be sometimes complicated.

usa map.png

Where can I fly my drone in the USA?

Here is an interactive map that will tell you where you can fly your drone on the USA. You will also find a precise map of restricted areas made by the FAA who is controlling drones regulations in the country.




Drones - Recreational use

Drones - Professional use

Tips on using drones for commercial jobs.