More than a dozen of brands are sharing the market of the civil drone around the world. The best known are DJI and the famous French brand Parrot. Both are on tireless battle to spread their models around the world. Others try to match them, with difficulty, but still designing really promising products. The great battle now seems to turn to professional uses. Others, being a forerunner in the submarine drone may lead them to truly take off.


The DJI’s models, leader on the drone market.

Number one of the drone, always at the forefront of technology the brand is focussing on privates as well as professionals.


The French giant Parrot, revolutionizing the drone.

The second largest player on the market. What make proud the French brand that competes with the Chinese giant.


A drone dedicated to the professional use only.

Each one is own way. The brand exclusively offers models intended for professionals.


The Chinese brand, little sister of the world giant DJI.

While the best-known brands offer state-of-the-art quality models, they are not always affordable. The brand changes the game and offers small models at low prices.


Leader of the Hybrid drone, as well in the air as underwater.

Flying Drone vs. underwater drone, the brand finds its niche by offering quality Hybrid drones.


Leader of submarine drones as smooth as a fish in the water.

The underwater drone brand with a pleasing design promises total marine immersion and brings a strong added value to the market.


The innovation of this new comer could make it irresistible.

In terms of innovation the brand displays very beautiful prowess, the Possessions, Trident, and Titan, claim their game changing position and revolutionize the leisure market.


Forerunner in its field, the brand capitulates to the competition and edges the drone.

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